Transform Your Library or Makerspace with Merge EDU for Science and STEM

Transform Your Library or Makerspace with Merge EDU for Science and STEM

Science and STEM education are at the forefront of innovation, and libraries and makerspaces play a crucial role in providing access to these subjects for all members of the community. Merge's award-winning augmented reality products are perfect for engaging students and inspiring a love of learning in science and STEM subjects. Here are just a few of the ways that libraries and makerspaces can use Merge EDU to enhance their science and STEM offerings:

Multisensory Learning

The Merge Cube enables a multisensory learning experience unlike any other. Now students can engage with digital content naturally and intuitively using visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile senses, for more memorable and impactful learning.

Develop Spatial Abilities

With the Merge Cube your students will exercise spatial intelligence by manipulating and inspecting digital 3D objects. Students with strong spatial abilities excel in STEM fields, allowing them to go further.

3D Creation and Printing

The Merge Cube works with 3D creation software like Paint 3D and Tinkercad. Now you can hold your 3D design in your hand or preview your creation before 3D printing, allowing faster design iteration and easier collaboration.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Students can explore a galaxy in the palm of their hand, hold fossils and ancient artifacts, explore a DNA molecule, investigate the Earth’s core, dissect a virtual frog,  hold their own 3D creations and more in the palm of their hand.

Project-Based Learning

Merge EDU also offers STEM Projects created by innovative educators, with easy-to-follow instructions that take students through the engineering design process.

Merge Ambassador Spotlight

Shannon Miller has been a leader using Merge EDU technology at Van Meter Elementary in Iowa, where she works as the district's K-12 District Teacher Librarian. In her work with elementary students, Shannon has used Merge EDU to create engaging and interactive learning experiences across a range of subjects, including science and STEM. She’s used the Merge Cube to teach students about the solar system, allowing them to explore the planets and learn about their characteristics in an immersive and hands-on way. She has also used Merge EDU to teach anatomy, 3D design, and coding allowing students to design and create their own virtual worlds and 3D models. Shannon's work with Merge EDU has helped transform the learning experience for students at Van Meter Elementary, inspiring them to be creative, curious, and engaged learners.

With Merge EDU, libraries and makerspaces can take their science and STEM education offerings to the next level. By offering immersive, hands-on experiences, students will be engaged, motivated, and inspired to learn. If you're interested in learning more about Merge EDU and how it can transform your library or makerspace, visit our website today