Spatial computing used in today's classroom with an iPad and Merge EDU

With a Merge Cube, Merge EDU apps, and an iPad, tangible, engaging and immersive learning opportunities are unlocked.

Spatial computing used in today's classroom with an iPad and Merge EDU

Spatial computing is a technology that overlays digital information onto the real world, potentially enhancing a user's perception and interaction with their surroundings. When used with educational content, Spatial computing can provide a seriously upgraded learning experience for students. 


The Merge Cube is a unique tool that allows students to actually hold virtual manipulatives and science simulations using spatial computing.  The soft foam cube is covered in a pattern of symbols and shapes that are recognized by an iPad's camera, allowing it to track the cube's movements and position in real-time. This tracking enables the iPad to overlay virtual objects and animations onto the cube, learning opportunities for students that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Merge EDU is a hands-on digital learning platform that helps students learn science and STEM effectively. It consists of a web-based resource dashboard, along with 4 apps for the iPad

  • Merge Explorer
  • Merge Object Viewer
  • Merge HoloGlobe
  • Merge Scanner

Merge Explorer for iPad

The Merge Explorer app has over 100 science simulations students can touch, hold and interact with. Merge Explorer, along with a Merge Cube and an iPad, allows students to investigate a smoking volcano in the palm of their hand, examine a great white shark up close, hold and explore the solar system, dissect a frog (humanely!), and so much more.  With easy-to-follow activities and built-in quizzes, will students gain key knowledge while immersed in learning, both in the classroom or while virtual learning at home. 

Read more about using the science simulations in Merge Explorer here.

Merge HoloGlobe for iPad

Merge HoloGlobe brings real-time NOAA and NASA satellite data and simulations to the Merge Cube, providing stunning views of the Earth and its many processes and systems into the palm of your hand! HoloGlobe is a hands-on resource for K-12 students, educators, and citizen scientists who want to learn more about Earth using real scientific data, including rainfall, cloud coverage, ocean and land temperature, wildfires, snowfall, and more all over the world.

Learn more about using Merge HoloGlobe in your classroom here.

Merge Object Viewer for iPad

Merge Object Viewer puts over 1,000 digital teaching aids in the palm of your hand! Students can learn about rocks, minerals, mammals, reptiles, lifecycles, cells, and more using the collections of hands-on 3D models organized by topic. You can also upload your own 3D objects and create custom collections of objects to share, and preview designs before 3D printing. Object Viewer lets you visualize and inspect 3D objects and creations in a natural and intuitive way by using  hands-on and kinesthetic interactions with the digital world.

Read this help article to learn more about using the Merge Object Viewer app.

Merge Scanner for iPad

Using an iPad, students can scan real-world objects and convert them to virtual 3D models with Merge Scanner. Merge Scanner makes it easy to capture artwork and sculptures in 3D, create 3D replicas of local artifacts and family heirlooms, and make digital copies of virtually any physical object. Students can view their 3D scans in augmented reality on the Merge Cube, or place a virtual replica back into the real world.  Merge Scanner seamlessly integrates into Merge EDU, where you can add labels and descriptions to highlight important features, and create collections to view in Object Viewer. 

How Students Can Transform Physical Objects into Digital 3D Models with Merge Scanner
Merge Scanner, the newest app from Merge EDU, allows students and teachers to 3D scan virtually any physical object.

Read this help article to see which iPads Merge Scanner is currently compatible with, and learn more about using the app.