Teaching Life Cycles with Augmented Reality

With pre-made activity plans and projects, life-cycle lesson prep will be easy for you, fun and immersive for students, and they'll be able to show you their learning with the various assessment options included. 

Teaching Life Cycles with Augmented Reality

Learning about animal life cycles is an important way to develop children's understanding of the natural world. Using augmented reality with Merge EDU to teach life cycles will get students instantly excited and engaged, and allow them to learn by doing - holding, inspecting and exploring relevant 3D models and simulations. 


Teach Bee Life Cycles with Merge Object Viewer

With Merge EDU, you can give your students a close-up view of bee lifecycles in a safe for them students and humane for bees. The Merge Object Viewer app has a collection of virtual teaching aids called "Honey Bees" that will allow students to hold and inspect every stage of a bee life cycle from egg, larvae, pupa and adult. There's even a digital manipulative that shows every bee stage as it develops inside of a bee hive! As an assessment tool, students can complete a Mini Research Project or an AR Art Gallery about bee life cycles to show you what they've learned.

Butterflies & Their Life Cycle
Examine and identify each stage of a butterfly’s life cycle from egg to adult, to discover more about these beautiful, fascinating insects.
Life Cycle of a Silk Moth
Observe and identify the stages of a Silk Moth’s life cycle, from egg to larva (caterpillar), then pupa and finally to an adult silk moth!
Development of a Chicken
Examine the stages of a chicken’s development as it grows inside a fertilized egg, from day 1 all the way until the day it hatches on day 21.
Human Development
Be amazed as you witness human development from conception until birth! This 40 week process occurs in three main stages: the germinal stage, the embryonic period, and lastly the fetal period. In this collection, we will see how a baby is formed over 9 months, starting with a single cell. Did you know that a baby’s heart starts beating at only about 22 days after conception?

Teach the Life Cycle of a Frog with Merge Explorer

Using augmented reality to learn about a frog's life cycle is the perfect way for students who may be scared of frogs to be able to learn about them up close, and the perfect way for all students to learn more about frogs in a way that's humane for our amphibious friends.


While the Merge Object Viewer app includes collections related to life cycles, the Merge Explorer App includes a topic card called "A Frog's Life". In the "Life Cycle of a Frog" simulation, students will hold and interact with frog eggs, wiggling embryos, a swimming tadpole, a froglet, and finally an adult frog. This is such an exciting and interactive way for students to see the changes that take place between each phase of a frog's life cycle, that they will be inspired to learn more! And, using the fully-editable activity plan that corresponds to the simulation will make it easy for you to prepare a fun lesson in virtually no time at all. Everybody wins!

To teach lifecycles with Merge EDU, sign up for a free trial at trymerge.com (no join code required). If you have questions, simply email learnmore@mergeedu.com