Recap of ISTE 2024

Merge EDU at the Denver Convention Center

Recap of ISTE 2024

The ISTE 2024 conference in Denver, Colorado was a fantastic event, bringing together educators, tech enthusiasts, and innovators to explore the latest advancements in educational technology!

Booth Highlights and Activities

The Merge booth was bustling with excitement as attendees gathered to see just how innovative, engaging, and easy Merge EDU and the Merge Cube are to use with students! We showcased how Merge EDU seamlessly integrates into STEM programs and classrooms, enabling educators to create immersive, hands-on learning experiences. Those who signed up for our free trial took home a Merge Cube, allowing them to continue exploring the possibilities of this innovative technology beyond the convention floor.

Merge + Friends


For those who were able to come by our booth, you might have noticed some new friends join us. We would like to thank our friends at Promethean for showcasing their brand new Activ 9 Panel with Merge EDU. This provided a hands-on look at how these two technologies compliment one another in the classroom, allowing every student to get a great view of a lesson using augmented reality.


Did you get a chance to scan to WIN a brand new MakerBot Sketch at our booth? Winners will be announced July 10, 2024. Make sure to follow Merge EDU and Makerbot on social for details! Our friends at Makerbot showcased their Sketch 3D Printer and how you can use the Merge Cube to preview your 3D design before you decide to print. Saving time, filament (plastic) and improving the engineering and design process. Good luck to everyone who entered to WIN!

Visualize your 3D Print designs with a Merge Cube
The Merge Cube can be used to test and iterate designs in a virtual setting, allowing your students to make changes and improvements before committing to the final design.


ICYMI, Leslie Fisher’s partner in crime, Spike II, and all of her ISTE Swag were parked at the Merge EDU booth all week. It was so fun seeing excited educators seek him out like a side quest to make sure they got the latest event swag and news on upcoming Leslie Fisher sessions.

Merge EDU Booth Presentations and Book Signings

We featured a fantastic group of experts and educators who shared their knowledge and stories.:

Zeny Ulloa kicked off our presentations on Monday, June 23rd, sharing how her school district successfully integrates Merge EDU into their curriculum.

Later that day, Jaime Donally hosted a book signing. Attendees were excited to get their hands on signed copies of "The Immersive Classroom" and a free Merge Cube.

On Tuesday, June 24th, Jennifer Mitchell took the stage, offering insights into her school's use of Merge EDU.

Following Jennifer, Leslie Fisher demonstrated the benefits of Merge EDU for schools.

Engaging Sessions and Presentations

Merge EDU was featured prominently throughout the conference in various sessions and presentations:

  • Jaime Donally led sessions throughout the week on incorporating AR and VR in classrooms, including opportunities to win a free Merge Cube.
  • Shannon McClintock Miller shared her favorite digital tools and her new book, "Sonia’s Digital World," with book signings and free Merge Cubes.
  • Patti Duncan held a poster session on Monday, June 24th, discussing tech tools and strategies for developing the 4C's, including the Merge Cube.
  • Stephanie Lyons from Merge conducted a hands-on session on Monday, June 24th, focusing on animal skull comparisons using augmented reality.
  • Renee Dawson hosted an engaging session on Tuesday, June 25th, showcasing how to increase student engagement through augmented reality, including Merge EDU tools.
  • Rosemary Jane presented on digital design and AR/VR evaluation in elementary education on Tuesday, June 25th, highlighting the use of the Merge Cube for student-created design.

Innovation Arcade

The Merge team, along with our ambassadors Scott Azar and Heidi Samuelson, hosted the AR/VR Exploration Lab, providing an immersive experience into the world of Merge EDU. Educators got to try our brand new app Merge Scanner and see how their students can turn real objects into virtual ones with photogrammetry! 

How Students Can Transform Physical Objects into Digital 3D Models with Merge Scanner
Merge Scanner, the newest app from Merge EDU, allows students and teachers to 3D scan virtually any physical object.

Looking Ahead

We are grateful to everyone who visited our booth, attended our sessions, and participated in Merge EDU-related activities. The enthusiasm and engagement from educators and innovators were truly inspiring. As we look ahead, we remain committed to driving innovation in STEM education through AR, providing tools that help educators bring lessons to life in new and exciting ways.

Thank you to all who made ISTE 2024 an unforgettable experience! We can't wait to see you in our hometown San Antonio for ISTE 2025!