Dive into a World of Underwater Species with Merge EDU

Let’s explore how using digital teaching aids with Merge EDU can revolutionize ocean ecology education, and provide students with an augmented underwater adventure!

Dive into a World of Underwater Species with Merge EDU

The world beneath the waves is an awe-inspiring realm, filled with a diverse array of underwater species and delicate ecosystems. As teachers, it’s important to introduce students to the wonders of ocean ecology to foster a deep appreciation for marine life. Thanks to the advancement of AR technology and the digital teaching aids in Merge EDU, you have powerful tools at your disposal to create authentic, immersive learning experiences for your students.

What is Merge EDU?

Merge EDU is a hands-on digital learning platform for science and STEM, that uses 3D models and simulations that students can touch, hold and interact with. With Merge EDU, ocean ecology and marine biology can be transformed into an unforgettable experience that captivates students' attention and enhances their understanding.


Real-world Connections

Many students have never seen a clown fish up close, held a hermit crab in their hands while playing on the beach, or even been to visit an aquarium where they can observe a captivating, yet dangerous jellyfish swim through the water. Merge EDU can help give your students these types of authentic learning experiences by providing them a huge library of digital 3D content they can explore.

Hands-on Learning

Traditional teaching methods often struggle to capture the attention of today's digitally native students, and putting 3D models of ocean animals into your students' hands to explore with a Merge Cube will bring ocean ecology to life in ways that textbooks simply can’t. The detailed 3D models of underwater species in Merge EDU include various types of sea animals like a clownfish, seahorse, whale, anglerfish, octopus and more. Students will get first-hand experience with various types of animals, learning about them in a tangible way.

Bringing Life-size Animals into the Classroom (Humanely)

In addition to holding ocean animals in their hands using the Merge Cube, students can use their smartphones, tablets, or Chromebooks to bring virtual marine creatures into their physical environment by placing them in the world at their actual size, including a humpback whale! They can observe, study, and compare and contrast various species in their classroom.

Encourages Collaboration

Merge EDU also encourages collaboration among students, fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills. Students can work together on various projects, such as creating an augmented gallery of ocean animals by placing them in the world side-by-side, comparing and contrasting their features, and discussing their similarities and differences.

Enhances Knowledge Retention

The immersive and hands-on experiences in Merge EDU capture students' attention and foster a sense of wonder, making learning more enjoyable and memorable. This engagement leads to increased participation and knowledge retention.


Provides Multisensory Learning and Accessibility

Merge EDU combines visual, auditory and tactile experiences, providing a multisensory learning experience that reinforces understanding. Students can see, touch, read and hear about underwater species, reinforcing their understanding of key concepts. Because it’s multisensory, Merge EDU can be used by all students, regardless of learning style and ability level, allowing them to explore and at their own pace.