Merge EDU Resource Center

Merge EDU Resource Center

Here you can find an email template, presentation, GIFS, images and videos to share Merge EDU with your staff. If you have questions or if we can provide anything else to help your teachers get started with Merge EDU, don’t hesitate to reach out at

Getting Started Guide

You can share this getting started guide with your teachers as a reminder for the main steps on getting started with Merge EDU. Just make a copy to get edit access.

Getting Started with Merge EDU - for Print

Email Template

You can use this email template to garner awareness and excitement about Merge EDU for your staff. It’s fully customizable for your specific subscription type - just make a copy to get edit access.

Introducing Merge EDU to Educators

Merge EDU Presentation

Use this presentation in a pinch to share Merge EDU with a group. Make a copy to get edit access to make it your own.

Merge EDU Presentation

Videos and Gifs

Do you have an internal messaging system that includes teachers, librarians, and support staff? Or are you preparing a PD presentation and in need of some high quality visuals? Easily find the most up-to-date Merge EDU gifs, videos and images below.

Videos - Square Format - Google Drive
Videos - Reel and TikTok Format - Google Drive
Images - No Watermark High Resolution - Google Drive

Social Media Tags

We’re constantly sharing updates and promoting other educators' work with Merge EDU on social media. Be sure to follow our social media accounts and tag us when posting about Merge EDU so we can promote and share!

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