Use Case: Merge EDU in the School Library

Use Case: Merge EDU in the School Library

The Challenge

School libraries serve as the heart of a school by providing a wide range of resources that benefit the entire student population. Librarians play a crucial role not only by providing traditional resources like books and research materials, but also by leading subject-specific lessons for teachers, enhancing the educational experience throughout the week. And as the role of modern school libraries evolves, it’s more important than ever to incorporate technology tools and makerspace activities to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners. 

Despite their importance, not all school libraries are adequately equipped to address the ever-growing needs of schools  today:

  • Often times libraries are under-resourced, or their resources are outdated
  • Libraries need more curriculum-aligned resources to support all content areas, not just ELA
  • Finding library makerspace resources can be difficult or expensive, since not all technology tools are appropriate for students in all grade levels 
  • Libraries are increasingly expected to provide resources that can be utilized in the classrooms as a check-out kit, not just within the library

The Solution

Merge EDU is a hands-on digital learning platform that helps students learn science and STEM effectively with 3D models and simulations they can touch, hold and interact with using augmented reality technology. 

Here’s how it works - there is curriculum-aligned digital content contained in a few apps installed on your compatible devices (you can also upload your own 3D models, which you will learn more about in the next section). As you are holding a physical Merge Cube, you select one of the digital simulations or teaching aids from one of the apps, then you scan the physical cube with your device's camera. The Merge Cube then transforms on your device’s screen, and now you are holding that content, with the cube creating a tactile element. And the content is interactive. Watch a demo by visiting

By making Merge EDU available in school  libraries, all students will have an innovative platform to explore complex science concepts, engage in cross-curricular activities, complete Merge STEM projects that explore the engineering design process, and use Merge EDU as a 3D visualization and research tool for a library makerspace. And, teachers can check it out from the library to use in their own classrooms as well.

How to use Merge EDU in the School Library

You can use Merge EDU in the library in many ways:

Support Science and STEM Curriculum

Merge EDU will help you support the science curriculum at your campus. You can invite science classrooms to come into the library and lead a science lesson using Merge EDU apps and the activity plans that go along with them. Using Merge EDU and the Merge Cube in your school library enables a hands-on, engaging, standards-aligned, multisensory learning experience unlike any other. Students instantly engage with science simulations and digital teaching aids naturally and intuitively using visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile senses, for more memorable and impactful science learning. 

Provide a Check-out Kit 

Librarians can make Merge EDU available as a check-out kit for teachers to use in their own classrooms. With easy-to-follow guides and curriculum aligned activities, video tutorials, and a helpful support center, your science and STEM teachers will be experts in no time.  

Practice the Engineering Design Process with STEM Projects

In your library makerspace, students can work on STEM projects that are based on future careers, written by world class educators, and have easy-to-follow instructions and guides that follow the engineering design process. Students will learn important future-ready skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, design, and working collaboratively within teams

Optimize the 3D Design and Printing Process

Merge EDU provides a great visualization tool for 3D modeling. Since it’s compatible with many 3D modeling programs like Tinkercad, students in your library can create, then upload their own 3D objects to hold inspect on the Merge Cube. Their 3D models can also be shared with others for collaboration, feedback and iteration. To save time and cost when 3D printing, viewing a 3D model on the Merge Cube can also be used as a 3D print preview tool to find errors quickly, or can even be used as an alternative to 3D printing altogether.

Merge EDU can help you update the resources into your school library in a way that reaches students of all grade levels, brings in science curriculum, supports classroom teachers, and prepares  your students for the future!


“Merge EDU brings learning to life for our kids!” - Shannon McClintock-Miller District Teacher Librarian and Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology at Van Meter School in Iowa
“Merge EDU is relevant for kids as young as preschool up to all the way through our 12th graders.” - Jennifer Sancedio Project manager for Project R.E.A.D. and Library Services in Dallas ISD
“I love the fact that Merge EDU can be used across the disciplines! It can allow students who have very little opportunity or experience with traveling or visiting museums, etc. the opportunity to be introduced to what is common knowledge to so many.” - Susan Williams Librarian at Brazosport ISD

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