Use Case: Merge EDU for STEM Programs

Use Case: Merge EDU for STEM Programs

The Challenge

Creating a STEM program at your school ensures  your students are learning  skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, design, and working collaboratively within teams. It is also a place where students become familiar with new technology and tools that will prepare them for the future.

It can be a challenge to equip your STEM program with the right tools and equipment that give your students hands-on learning experiences, since: 

  • It’s difficult to determine which tools are the most impactful for your students while being the most cost effective for your budget. 
  • Many tools found in STEM programs can be highly technical, so having the expertise to operate and maintain them is a must have.
  • Many tools do not also support teaching STEM curriculum, which is frequently a requirement for STEM programs. 
  • Ensuring compatibility among various tools and equipment is crucial for seamless integration and efficient workflow.

The Solution

Merge EDU gives your students access to  hands-on mixed reality tools to integrate into your STEM program. It’s cost effective, easy to use, and works with the devices your students are already using. Students will learn science and STEM topics effectively with 3D models and simulations they can touch, hold and interact with using augmented reality technology. And with the STEM projects and visualization tools, it provides a seamless addition to your STEM program.

Here’s how it works - there is curriculum-aligned digital content contained in a few apps installed on your compatible devices (you can also upload your own 3D models, which you will learn more about in the next section). As you hold a physical Merge Cube, you select one of the digital simulations or teaching aids from one of the apps, then scan the physical cube with your device's camera. The Merge Cube then transforms on your device’s screen, and now you are holding that content, with the cube creating a tactile element. And the content is interactive. Watch a demo by visiting

How to use Merge EDU for STEM

Merge EDU is a versatile tool that can be used in different ways in your STEM program, and students can even work on it from home.

Explore STEM concepts with STEM Teaching Aids

Merge EDU gives you tools to teach STEM concepts using our hands-on digital teaching aids. Some collections of digital manipulatives include mechanisms, simple machines, types of engines, computer parts, architecture and more. Students can also explore important concepts like renewable and non-renewable resources. The Merge-created activity plans that students can follow to make it really easy to implement.

Collaborate with STEM Projects

Merge provides a collection of STEM projects that focus  on a different future ready skill and follows the same engineering design process, so students will know what to expect each time they complete one. Every project includes step-by-step instructions along with a number of worksheets that students will fill out and share as they progress through each step. They will not only learn the engineering design process, but they will also learn how to effectively collaborate with others.

Optimize the 3D Creation and Printing Process

Merge EDU provides a helpful visualization tool for 3D modeling. Since it’s compatible with many 3D modeling programs like Tinkercad, Paint 3D, Fusion 360, AutoCAD and others, students can create, then upload their own 3D models to hold inspect on the Merge Cube. The 3D creations can then be easily shared with others for collaboration, feedback, and iteration. Viewing 3D models on the Merge Cube will also save time and cost before 3D printing, because the cube becomes a 3D print preview tool that makes it easy to find errors (and can even be an alternative to 3D printing in many cases).


"Merge EDU is one of the easiest and most expansive AR tools out there! - Michael Fricano II Ed Tech Integration Specialist and and Maker Ed Educator, 'Iolani School
“Merge EDU gives my students the power to hold their own 3D models in their hands and analyze every millimeter in AR. It definitely saves lots of time and energy when we're working on 3D printing!” - Gabe Haydu Innovative Education Specialist, Singapore American School 
“My students can interact with objects and materials that would otherwise be impossible to fully comprehend just by explaining it or looking at a simple 2D picture.” - Madison Mikalauski Teacher, Peotone Schools 

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