How Shantel Jones uses Merge EDU in her Elementary Classroom

Merge Ambassador Spotlight: Shantel Jones

How Shantel Jones uses Merge EDU in her Elementary Classroom

Shantel Jones, a dedicated 2nd-grade teacher with over a decade of teaching experience in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades, joined the Merge Ambassador program in early 2023. Introduced to Merge EDU just over a year ago, Shantel eagerly explored its potential for enhancing classroom learning. 

One of the key ways Shantel incorporates Merge EDU into her classroom is during small group reading sessions. With the purpose of enriching vocabulary and building background knowledge, Shantel first introduces her students to leveled readers focusing on renewable energy sources. 

To further immerse them in the topics, she harnesses the power of Merge EDU and the Merge Cube. Students interact with a 3D wind turbine using the Object Viewer App, which fuels their curiosity. Then, using the Merge Explorer App, her students delve into the realms of solar energy, hydroelectric power, and wind energy, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how energy is transferred from turbines to electrical stations and then to houses in a neighborhood.

Experience renewable resources with Merge EDU 👇

Renewable Resources
Hold and inspect a solar panel, hydroelectric dam, wind turbine and more to see different ways clean energy is generated and used in this collection of renewable resources!
Renewable Resources
Renewable energy is very important to our future, as it allows us to produce energy with very little waste or actual resource cost. The sun is important for this, but so are things like wind and water which also produce energy we can store and transport.

The impact of Merge EDU in Shantel's classroom is unmistakable. Students are engaged and say things like, "Wow, this is so cool!" and "Mrs. Jones, I want to show you what I learned on the Merge Cube!” Their excitement fuels their love for learning as they eagerly explore and discover, and Merge EDU helps them grasp these concepts at an accelerated pace. 

Beyond the classroom, Shantel also incorporated the Merge Cube into Grandparent Night. She had each grandparent create a Merge Paper Cube with their student. Together, the grandparents and their grandchildren explored the various objects in the Object Viewer app and simulations in Merge Explorer. The positive responses from the grandparents underscored the transformative nature of Merge EDU. One grandparent expressed, "I wish I learned like this when I was in school!" while another marveled, "this helps me understand things so well!" 

Print out your own paper cubes here.

Merge EDU helps bring learning to life for Mrs. Jones’ 2nd grade students! 

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