Celebrate DNA Day by holding DNA in your hand!

World DNA Day is actually a thing, and it's celebrated on April 25 worldwide! The Merge Cube and Merge EDU apps provide a memorable, hands-on DNA lesson for any middle school or high school science class.

Celebrate DNA Day by holding DNA in your hand!

Class discussion about DNA structures and genetic concepts become interactive and tangible, and holding the concepts in their hands helps students grasp these complex topics in a way that's fun! The Merge Cube's visual and tactile approach to learning just might make DNA a favorite lesson for your students.


Merge Explorer

The Building Blocks of Life
LIfe is a complex and amazing thing. We’re all made up of a number of molecules, atoms, and many other smaller \
Genetic Material
Welcome to Genetic Material! In this activity, you’ll dive deep into the cell to look at its genes up close. Are you ready?

Merge Object Viewer

Explore 3D models of DNA, RNA, chromosomes, meiosis and more to learn about the important components in the study of genetics.

With Merge Cube, the complex world of genetics becomes not just digestible, but genuinely exciting. The Cube transforms DNA from a complex, abstract concept into a tangible and interactive experience!

What you need:

  1. Merge Cube: Visit www.mergecube.com/paper to print out a free Merge Paper Cube, or find the link to order a real Merge Cube on Amazon
  2. Merge Explorer + Merge Object Viewer App: Once you have your Merge Cube, download the Merge Explorer and Merge Object Viewer Apps from your device's app store.
  3. Merge EDU Free Trial: Visit trymerge.com to sign up for the free trial, so you are sure to be able to access all the content for free!

With the Merge Cube, you will explore new educational experiences, from being able to hold and interact with microscopic nucleotides, all the way to to the holding the vast cosmos in your hand. Learning with the Merge Cube is tangible and fun!