Buzzing into World Bee Day with Capstone and Merge EDU

As World Bee Day approaches on May 20th, Merge and Capstone Publishing are teaming up to create a buzz with a Merge EDU + Book Giveaway!

Buzzing into World Bee Day with Capstone and Merge EDU

This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for teachers and librarians to lead educational explorations into the fascinating world of bees and pollination, with Capstone’s enriching books and Merge's hands-on experiences.

World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20th every year, because it coincides with the birthday of Anton Janša, a pioneer of modern beekeeping. He was born on May 20, 1734, and is known for his innovative beekeeping techniques and the first to advocate for the scientific approach to beekeeping. 

The Power of Pollinators

Bees play a vital role in pollinating many of the crops we depend on for food. World Bee Day isn’t just about celebrating these incredible insects; it's about understanding their impact and the current challenges they face, such as habitat loss and climate change. Educating students about bees’ roles in our ecosystem can foster an appreciation for biodiversity and the importance of conservation efforts. 


Bringing Lessons to Life with Capstone and Merge EDU

Capstone is the nation’s leading educational publisher of K-5 digital solutions, children’s books, and literacy programs for school libraries, classrooms, and at-home reading. Capstone Publishing has long been a trusted name in educational resources, offering a wide range of books that delve into the science and beauty of bees and pollination. These books are perfect for creating a rich, factual backdrop for lessons. 

Why Do We Need Bees? by Murray, Laura K.

Bee Queens by Sang, Maivboon

How Are Plants Pollinated? by Raij, Emily

Raise Awareness with Crafts by Van Oosbree, Ruthie
(this book includes a build a pollinator Garden craft!!)

Educators can take this learning a step further by providing interactive experiences through Merge EDU and a Merge Cube. This technology allows students to hold and examine virtual 3D objects – in this case, bees – enhancing their understanding through immersive, hands-on learning. This combination of non-fiction reading and interactive technology makes learning about bees an engaging, multi-sensory experience that caters to a variety of learning styles.

The Plants and the Bees
Bees are important for many reasons, one of which is that they help plants to have babies – in other words, to make new plants! When a bee lands on a flower, it picks up some pollen grains on its body. As the bee flies around, it drops the pollen off on another plant, where the pollen helps the second plant to produce seeds. Watch the bee work its magic in this animation!
Honey Bees
Hold and inspect a bee in all stages of its development from egg, to larva, the pupa, to adult, and compare to a queen bee and see what makes her special. Then get an up-close look at a beehive box, smoker, honeycomb, and a jar of honey!

Merge EDU 🤝 Capstone Giveaway

In celebration of World Bee Day, Merge and Capstone are giving away a bundle that includes a 1-year individual subscription of Merge EDU + 3 Merge Cubes, as well as 3 print books about bees, and 1 craft book that includes an activity to build a pollinator garden! This is a fantastic opportunity to augment your teaching toolkit!!

Ready to join the buzz? Check out Capstone Publishing for informative books, and explore Merge EDU for hands-on interactive experiences!